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Me crap, woo.


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March 9th, 2012

Yep. You heard me. Any Zechs/Milliard/Milliardo x Noin doujin, preferably good condition and more or less 6x9 centric.

You're welcome to PM me, and we'll go from there.

June 9th, 2007


Sephiroth smutface
It's Ryan's birthday.
And I have no officially beaten Sephiroth on the FF7 game. D: No more virgin for me.
...but now I ish been all the sadness. *emo* Why does he have to die so saaaaaaaaaaadly like? He was all like "ee..? o-o" and you're all like "*growls because I am MANZ*" and you're all like..."Nuuuuuuu~"
...poor Sephy.
Going back to the hole now. XD

June 1st, 2007

Hello, Florida.

Sephiroth smutface
XD Even though I've been here since like....a week ago today. :P But only have had the 'net for like....two days, minusing today. :D Because basically I just woke up.
So yah. Moved to Florida, land of beaches and palm trees and parks.
And lizards. And fire ants. And really, really hot weather. Bleeehhh. Droughts do suck, especially in the south, I'd forgotten about 'em. 0~0;;
So yeah, existing and debating, doing really good considering. There are some really shitty emotional problems that like to explode all over the place, myself included. *clean self off again*
On top of that...I'd just like to say a few words:
Oddment tweak!
Burble brains and moolah!
Thank you.

April 16th, 2007

Rude Awakening

Snow leopard TICKED
..because really. Going from laughing and talking at 3 in the morning to getting up and finding out at about 8 - 9ish that the crying you've been hearing since 7 is about your life...
Again...why does this happen? Maybe there is something to be learned in it, but...not to Laurel and Ryan. Why did this happen to them? They're great people. They fucking took me in, for fuck's sake! Why them?
For you guys, I'll explain...
Ryan and Laurel were doing okay, but because of my life, they...did the unthinkable and took me on with no job and nothing to give them in return, and expecting nothing from me. So it was made aware that while Ryan had his job, it would be really nice that if I could, get a job alongside Laurel, who was trying to get a job as well, having quit her previous one to be able to be back in Ft. Collins again with her hubby (long story).
So this morning Ryan gets laid off. And neither Laurel or I have gotten any call backs from any of the jobs we applied for. It was only about 5 minutes ago that Laurel even got a phone call, shockingly enough, about a job.
But because of this...she can't take the part-time job, she has to get the full-time one. And...holy...
...we may end up leaving to Florida. Laurel's dad has offered us a place there. (And yeah, us. As in Ryan, Laurel, and me...which...just fucking blows my mind..I'm not even remotely related to them, just a psycho friend..and...Florida..? Oh gad...)
..so..yeah...loads of great fun today.
I'm going to crawl into a corner and try not to cry now, excuse me..

April 15th, 2007


Falcon Normal
...For 300 was just that much fun.
lolz Faramir and the Phantom.
But omg they were all fricktastically ripped. o-0 WOW.
And the Persians. With their outfits of chains (SUBLIMINAL SLAVERY/BONDAGE OMG *die laughing*) and gold and psychotic monsters of cool.
It gave me many fighting/battle ideas.
MmSpartans and their wives. >D Hahaha.
I shut up now.

April 7th, 2007

Long time no drabble

Sephiroth doll Despair
Because apparently I'm in Colorado now. :D
So yeah. Life is good. No more insanity.
And why is the Icey in Colorado now? Like....about a week and a day ago, I had the best fight ever with my mum. Much yelling. And much threatening.
So yeah. Now I'm in Colorado with a friend and her hubby. Thank GOODNESS. Y^Y I love my parents but....holy SHIT, enough is enough.
Time that I moved on out, got a job and went to a college that mattered. So here I will be until I am an official resident of Colorado then I shall be going to college. :)
...ZOMG I miss mah other friends too. ;^; I wuv you Tivka and Marianne! *hand wibble*
BUT HEY! No more being accused of something I'm not even told about! w00t!

February 24th, 2007

It finally happpened.

Falcon Normal
...I guess it really was only inevitable...
My grandmother, Fern L. Towers Roberts has finally died. She was 84 and was dying of congestive heart failure anyway...
..I'm glad she didn't suffer too long. The last time I saw her I nearly bawled my eyes out...

February 20th, 2007

Oy Serena

Falcon Normal
Found yer stoof on page 842 :3

January 30th, 2007

...Mah black rat snake has died because...mah daddeh made a lil mistake and put mah snakie under the heating lamp inside the cage when he was already inside a plastic box....(to eat, because he was picky. And hell, might have not even been a he, but a bitch anyway you looked at it.)

...I uvs J000OOoOooooo!


January 19th, 2007

Free Drawingz

SephirothxTreize Artsy
You heard meh. I've been in a rather drawing mood lately, and though I can't really promise more than a headshot or so, you'll more than likely at least get something out of me. ;)
Want a little picture of something? Fanart, original?
Speak and I shall do my darndest to deliver to thee.
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