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Drama birdy~

Hello, Florida.

Hello, Florida.

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Sephiroth smutface
XD Even though I've been here since like....a week ago today. :P But only have had the 'net for like....two days, minusing today. :D Because basically I just woke up.
So yah. Moved to Florida, land of beaches and palm trees and parks.
And lizards. And fire ants. And really, really hot weather. Bleeehhh. Droughts do suck, especially in the south, I'd forgotten about 'em. 0~0;;
So yeah, existing and debating, doing really good considering. There are some really shitty emotional problems that like to explode all over the place, myself included. *clean self off again*
On top of that...I'd just like to say a few words:
Oddment tweak!
Burble brains and moolah!
Thank you.
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